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At Terra Firma Drilling, Inc., we hold ourselves to the highest standards with the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do. Our team is highly trained and qualified to meet all your needs, dedicated to offering quality work, and top-notch customer service on every job site. Take a look at some of the services we offer below:

Services: Our Services

Hourly/Bid Drilling

  • Drilled Holes, Shafts, and Piles 12"-12' in diameter - up to 110' deep

  • Hillside Drilling

  • Foundation Drilling

  • Caisson Drilling

  • Large Diameter Boring

  • Cell Tower Drilling

  • De-watering Wells

  • Seepage Pit Drilling/Dry Wells

  • Geology Drilling

  • Low Overhead Drilling

  • Limited Access Drilling

  • Percolation Test Drilling

  • Gas Extraction Wells

  • Landfill Drilling

  • Elevator Shafts - New and Retrofit

  • Temporary and/or Permanent Cased Shafts and Piles

  • Retaining Wall Foundations

  • De-watering Wells

  • Solar Panel Structures

  • Conductor Holes

  • Rat Holes

Caisson Drilling

  • Complete Drilling, Reinforcing, and Concrete

  • Polymer Slurry Displacement Shafts and Piles

  • Typical Drilled Piers

  • CIDH (Cast in Drilled Hole) Piles

  • Caisson Placement


  • Typical Soldier Pile and Wood Lagging - Temporary and Permanent

  • Design Build Systems

  • Beam and Plate (Temporary Shoring)

  • Secant Piles/Walls

Geotechnical Drilling

  • Large Diameter Geotechnical Exploration - 24" and up

  • Geotechnical Sampling

  • Geology Drilling

  • Modified California Sampler

  • Down Hole Logging

  • Environmental Drilling

  • Soils Test Drilling

  • Soil Sampling

Limited Access Drilling

  • Low Overhead Drilling

  • Indoor Drilling

  • Elevator Shafts - New and Retrofit

  • Underpinning

City, County, State & Federal Work

  • Project Labor Agreements (PLA)

  • Prevailing Wage/Certified Payroll Reporting

  • Non Union

  • Night, Weekend & Holiday Work

  • Work With Others for Projects Outside our Scope

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